Udi Ledergor: Data driven secrets of the best salespeople

Data driven secrets of the best salespeople with Udi Ledergor The Best Salespeople in the world are masters of human psychology and social engineering explains Udi Ledergor In this incredibly informative episode, Udi lifts the lid on early fears and shines a light on what’s possible in the future. By capturing millions of customer conversations… Continue reading Udi Ledergor: Data driven secrets of the best salespeople

How to Multiply your Revenue with Tech Powered Sales – Tony Hughes

3x times best selling author, trainer, coach and action leader Tony J Hughes discusses his new book #TechPoweredSales. We explore why technology is a game changer when well designed and intelligently implemented throughout the sales lifecycle. Tony and his co-author Justin Michael have written what is probably the most important sales and revenue operations book to… Continue reading How to Multiply your Revenue with Tech Powered Sales – Tony Hughes

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Matt Dixon JOLT

Hidden Opportunities: Closed Lost No Decision with Matthew Dixon Hidden Opportunities: Closed Lost NO Decision. Matthew Dixon introduces the JOLT effect and explains why it’s the antidote to all those Closed Lost No Decision entries in your CRM. Discovering Closed Lost No Decision Opportunities: After analysing 2.5 million sales calls, Matthew found that 40-60% of… Continue reading Matt Dixon JOLT


Peter Wheeler

Rebuilding Trust with Peter Wheeler J. Peter Wheeler is a fresh voice who needs to be heard. Listen and learn “why?” Lot’s of disagreement in this episode and plenty of insights into rebuilding trust with customers. In the realm of go-to-market operations, confusion and disagreement run rampant. Different teams have their own goals and metrics,… Continue reading Peter Wheeler


David Kurkjian

Transforming Selling Conversations with David Kurkjian How are you behaving and communicating with your prospects? In this episode, David talks to Marcus about transforming selling conversations especially in the early stages of your sales process. David Kurkjian is a sales consultant and author of the book “6X Convert More Prospects to Customers”: https://amzn.to/440tP8o The book… Continue reading David Kurkjian


Philipp Humm

Transformative Storytelling, with Philipp Humm Philipp and Marcus dish out some transformative storytelling secrets in this latest chat on sales. To pique your curiosity, Philipp’ got this mysterious yet effective SERV formula: Listen to find out more. Imagine meeting a prospect and instantly clicking with a short, engaging connection story. And what if you could… Continue reading Philipp Humm