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Rebuilding Trust with Peter Wheeler

J. Peter Wheeler is a fresh voice who needs to be heard. Listen and learn “why?” Lot’s of disagreement in this episode and plenty of insights into rebuilding trust with customers.

In the realm of go-to-market operations, confusion and disagreement run rampant. Different teams have their own goals and metrics, causing inefficiency and distrust. Sales teams, driven by short-term objectives and quotas, are pushed to behave poorly. This damages relationships with both customers and employees. To regain trust, businesses must listen to their customers and align their objectives with what the customers truly need.

Recruiting, onboarding, and compensation often miss the mark. Instead of focusing on values, trustworthiness, and mindset, companies prioritise competencies alone. Communication and cooperation between teams like sales, marketing, product, and customer success are lacking. They must find ways to collaborate more effectively.

Over-reliance on tools and technology without proper employee training has made the sales profession dull. Companies should prioritise essential skills like interpersonal relationships and communication.

To improve collaboration, businesses should appoint individuals who can identify gaps, foster communication, and resolve conflicts between teams.

This is a critical juncture. Will businesses rise to the challenge and address their issues, or will they succumb to the consequences of chaos? The future of go-to-market operations hangs in the balance, and the world watches with anticipation.

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