Successful Selling

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Successful Selling Overview

To succeed in selling, you’ll need a mix of coaching, self-study, and group practice. Start by completing Initial Coaching (IC123), which includes three one-hour coaching sessions £1,500+VAT.

After that, you can join practice labs in any month where you purchase at least one hour of coaching (£500+VAT per hour). Alternatively, you can explore premium packages (bronze/silver/gold) for more booking flexibility, at least 5% reduction in fees and community membership.


£ 5,700 / year

  • 12 hrs Coaching *
  • 2 @2hr Practice Labs per month
  • Community Membership


£11,340 / year

  • 24 hrs Coaching*
  • 2 @2hr Practice Labs per month
  • Community Membership


£16,920 / year

  • 36 hrs Coaching*
  • 2 @2hr Practice Labs per month
  • Community Membership
  • Unlimited Ad Hoc Coaching**

* Tailor coaching to your needs. Book all sessions in the first month or pro rata. Schedule 30 minutes or 3 hours, the choice is yours.

** Unlimited 10-15 minute Ad-hoc sessions for Gold package are subject to the 3 before me rule.

Expect lots of ‘Ah Hah’ moments, lots of role playing to solve your real life selling problems and plenty of homework and self study assignments.

What will I learn?

  • Why putting your customer first (without compromising your own goals) is the key to long-term sustainable success.
  • How to view selling opportunities from a new perspective that better serves both you and the customer.
  • Learn and apply the right strategy and process for helping your customers recognise their real needs, which shortens the selling cycle and increases typical average order value
  • Discover the fastest, most practical ways to achieve certain, sustainable scale, grow profitable sales, minimize cost of acquisition of a customer and maximise lifetime customer value
  • And much more!

Sample Sessions

Design Your Future (Before Someone Else Does it for You)

Learn to develop a step-by-step plan to achieve your ideal future that supports both personal and professional growth.  You will take stock of the resources you have, identify the resources you will need, and develop an action-based timeline for reaching your goals.

Develop Mutually Beneficial Business Relationships

Success in business (and in life) is often more the result of who you know than what you know.  You will discover the specific steps to identify, develop, and support mutually beneficial and mutually profitable relationships with customers, channel partners, and even your competitors. 

Mindset Magic—Getting Out of Your Own Way

In this session, you will discover the connection between what you think and how you act, and how you may be unknowingly and unintentionally sabotaging your own efforts.  You will learn how to reframe your negative inner-critic thinking to positive action-oriented thinking.

Does Win-Win Really Exist?

In a competitive business landscape, it’s generally thought that if one party wins, the other party loses.  That way of thinking promotes short-term relationships.  It is totally inappropriate and unproductive in long-term relationships.  Learn why win-win pays long-term dividends and how to make it the cornerstone of your business interactions.

Are You Trustworthy?

That’s what prospects, customers, and business associates want to know about you.  They want to feel safe dealing with you.  You will learn about the Trust Equation and how others judge your trustworthiness.  You will learn how to adjust your words, thoughts, and actions to increase your trustworthiness score.  #principledselling

Will Today’s Customer be Tomorrow’s Customer?

Smart salespeople recognize the long-term value of the customers who sticks with them year after year.  Not only for their repeat business, which is typically more profitable than new business, but also for the referral business they generate.  Discover specific strategies for cultivating and protecting long-term customers. 

Understanding Your Buyers’ Journey

One of the keys to successful selling is understanding your buyer’s journey. Do this and you’ll be closing sales more quickly, more frequently, and typically with little or no resistance.  Learn how and when to engage with buyers in a meaningful manner, at the point when they are most receptive.

Understanding What Motivates Your Customer

To best serve your customers, you must discover and focus on what they really need and what really matters to them.  Discover a framework for defining, categorizing, capturing, and organizing all of your customers’ needs.

Asking the Right Questions at the Right Time

How, what, and when you ask your customers questions impacts the value and relevance of their answers.  Appreciate how well-timed, insightful questions not only provide you with necessary information, but also help customers better understand their situations and make better choices.

Defining a Positive Predictable Future

Sales are completed more quickly, easily, and consistently when both parties are working towards the same beneficial outcome.  Learn how to structure and develop with your customers a mutually-agreed-to path forward that eliminates fears, doubts, and last-minute delays.

Is Successful Selling for you?

This club isn’t for everybody and everybody doesn’t automatically qualify to join.

Coaching Bundles and Team Training also available

What else do we do?

If Successful Selling isn’t appropriate there may be another programme that is. And if I can’t help you I probably know someone who can.