Recommended Books

Recommended books

Our recommended books are listed below. Many of the authors were guests on the-inquisitor podcast. If you want to truly understand your customers and increase sales these are must reads. Listen to the podcast too (links below are to

David Abbott

How to Price Your Platypus

Scott Adams


Karen Berman & Joe Knight

Financial Intelligence

Laura & Dominic Ashley-Timms.

The Answer is a Question

Arthur C Brooks

From Strength to Strength

Ed Catmull

Creativity, Inc

Cauchi & Davies

Making Channel Sales Work

Paperback Copies available £17.50 + Shipping

Clay Chistensen

The Innovator’s Dilemma

Fred Copestake

Hybrid Selling

Selling Through Partnering Skills

Keith Cunningham

The Road Less Stupid

Matthew Dixon

The JOLT effect

Nancy Duarte

Data Story

Graham Eisner

Just Ask!

Paul Ekman

Telling Lies

Lisa Feldman Barrett

How Emotions are Made

Rob Fitzpatrick

The Mom Test

Antonio Garrido

My Daily Leadership

The 21st Century Ride-Along

Asking Questions

Mark Goulston

Just Listen

Talking to Crazy

Charlie Green

The Trusted Advisor Fieldbook

Tony Hughes

Combo Prospecting

Roderick Jefferson

Sales Enablement 3.0

Daniel Kahneman

Thinking Fast & Slow

Kishimi & Koga

The Courage to be Disliked

David Kurkjian

6X Convert more prospects to customers

Brad McDonald

The Art & Skill of Sales Psychology

Donella H Meadows

Thinking in Systems

Mike Michalowicz

Profit First

Bob Moesta with Greg Engle

Demand-Side Sales

Geoffrey A Moore

Crossing the Chasm

Oblinger & Tsang

Negotiation Myth Busters

Pia Silva

Badass Your Brand

Strycharczyk, Clough & Perry

Developing Mental Toughness

Daniel Tammet

Thinking in Numbers

Jim VandeHei Mike Allen and Roy Schwarz

Smart Brevity

Tom Williams

Buyer Centered Selling

The Seller’s Challenge

Chris Voss

Never Split the Difference