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If you’d like to know how clients achieved success and what prompted them to write the recommendations click below. The results that clients achieved are astounding. More impressive though is the number of people whose personal lives were transformed by the coaching/training Marcus delivered.

Marcus Cauchi’s Hiring Winners training is a breath of fresh air

Everyone in business knows how costly the wrong hire can be, both financially and emotionally. To just rely on recruiters can be costly and will not always get you the best candidate. As Marcus Cauchi points out, ‘want the very best candidates who will succeed in the role?’ – after all, most of your problems are solved by having better people. Marcus Cauchi’s Hiring Winners training is a breath of fresh air. It gives you a blueprint to build a bench of the best candidates, not just based on skills, but on values. It’s given us a clear action plan to ensure we get the best candidates moving forward. I’d highly recommend it to anyone serious about growing their business with the right people”

Marcus Hemsley

Marcus has given some of the best advice & guidance I’ve ever had both personally and professionally

As a relatively new commercial leader, I approached Marcus looking for guidance on leadership, sales management, and advice on how to get the best out of my team. During our coaching sessions we focus on real time examples of issues I’m facing in my current role. Marcus holds up an honest (and sometimes brutal) mirror, he asks intelligent questions which allow me to reach conclusions for myself – making the learning more impactful. I think the most impactful takeaway so far has been my increased ability to operate from the “winners triangle” and take emotion out of what previously would have been exceptionally challenging conversations/situations. I have improved massively as a sales leader during my time working with Marcus, I now have a complete and utter focus on customer outcomes, rather than fictional corporate forecasts. This focus ultimately transcends to my team resulting in happier people, happier clients, and greater revenues. Marcus has given some of the best advice & guidance I’ve ever had both personally and professionally.

Adam Willcox

I knew I could draw on [Marcus’] expertise in people, channel, technology and ethics

Through my transition from being an individual contributor in the channel to a leader in direct sales, I was not entirely certain as to how to approach what has been one of the biggest challenges in my career. Having worked with Marcus previously I knew I could rely on him to guide me through this process. Understanding what it takes to be a successful, respected leader I knew I could draw on his expertise in people, channel, technology and ethics. Since re-engaging Marcus I’ve been able to rethink my approach to management and how to lead with the same principles as what a channel manager should do with their partners. Leading by earning respect, building credibility and influencing by understanding the why for each person, resulted in me achieving my goal of P-Club in my first year as a manager. For that I’m grateful, and a reminder of how important it is to have people like Marcus in your corner.

Kieran Krohn

I raised my fees for my existing clients by 66% and stopped consulting for free on contingency roles

I worked with Marcus for a year when I was running my first recruitment business in 2015. I was working very hard running a small contingency recruitment business that was just about staying afloat! Contingency recruitment is where more than one recruiter is given the opportunity to fill a job, and the fee goes to whoever gets the CV in first. It is a fast-paced rollercoaster because contingency recruiters never know when they will get paid for their work. Marcus coached me on how to transform by business into an executive search firm. I was supported extremely well through the process. I will always remember calling Marcus up before I won my first retained search mandate and he coached me through how to approach the meeting with the COO. I raised my fees for my existing clients by 66% and stopped consulting for free on contingency roles. I won new clients time and time again for retained search mandates, I never looked back and I expanded my executive search business because of the consistency of earnings that came from only working with clients on executive search mandates. It was transformational for my work and for my life. Marcus was my first coach! I went on to hire other business and leadership coaches and also life coaches who inspired me so much that I am now proud to call coaching my profession. Marcus re-ignited my love for reading. His book recommendations are always excellent and I have learned a lot from them as well as from the man himself. If you are wondering whether Marcus can help you with your business then I can highly recommend talking with him to see what you think. It will be enjoyable and you might just learn something!

Beshlie Donaldson
Executive Coach

[Marcus’] deep level of thinking, creative range of ideas, knowledge, experience and contacts are unrivaled. He won’t just train you he will challenge you!

Elite sportspeople spend countless hours with their coaches, practicing and refining their skill so they can maximise the few short moments they have on the course, pitch, track etc. 🏌‍♂️ So why should salespeople be any different… 🤔 The market has already shifted so this year (and beyond) you will simply need to be better! That doesn’t just mean more, it means different. You will need new ideas, approaches, contacts, partners and dare I say it, mindset if you are to succeed so now is the time to invest in yourself or your teams. I’ve been lucky enough to spend a lot of time with the great Marcus Cauchi who is not like any other trainer you have met, or are ever likely to. His deep level of thinking, creative range of ideas, knowledge, experience and contacts are unrivalled. He won’t just train you he will challenge you! He will help you find the skills you never knew you had and surface questions and styles you’ve never considered. This is not for the faint hearted, you MUST want to be better. He won’t just give you a script and tell you it works, he will take you to places where you will find things out for yourself. He will make you work for it, it will be hard but it will be worth it and through his unique approach you will come out of it a better salesperson than before. You will value partnerships, referrals, look beyond short term pipeline, leverage your own competitors and sell in a way you never knew existed. Marcus is a genius so if you are up for it….. contact him directly 💪 Ps. other sportspeople were available but Seve was the greatest – fact!

Steve Barnhurst

Marcus helped me grow my spine as a seller

Marcus Cauchi is a pro with many surprises in the bag. I worked with him on his voice and camera presence and before I knew it, he had signed me up to his work- he’s very good at what he does and I desperately needed his input. Marcus helped me grow my spine as a seller. Learn to respect myself in the sales process and actually obtain real training. Not sleezy tricks but how to have honest and direct conversations in business. Including practice. Not just ideas. We practiced. He drilled me! The result were that my confidence and competence in sales soared. My business has done very well ever since. What surprises me most about him is that behind the rooted in knowledge and experience personality is a very kind hearted and caring man who is not afraid to laugh with you, hug you and and give the kick you might need.

Evelyne Brink

Top class Sales Trainer, Coach, Mentor and a decent human being.

Have you ever sat there frustrated that the sales training doesn’t seem to fit with your style? Perhaps you’re wishing you had more one to one coaching possibilities with a master of their craft? Or possibly you are hoping that there is someone out there that listens to your point of view, challenges you and then helps you see another perspective, one that you really believe in… Marcus Cauchi has helped plenty of people with the above feelings and challenges, from personal experience the training was exceptional. He is a top class Sales Trainer, Coach, Mentor and a decent human being. If you are entering this year needing more guidance or another push in the right direction, I cannot recommend him highly enough. Still not quite sure about messaging him? Send me a message about what’s holding you back and I’d be happy to help if possible.

Teddy Peck

I earned my money back in 6 months in higher earnings and then made sales on top I would never have made without the coaching and training.

[outcome in your work life]”So my biggest result from the training that we did: my beliefs are far stronger and therefore I’m able to say no to people politely I’m able to allow people to walk away and this has saved me a ridiculous amount of time and reduced anxiety…rather than hoping something will happen I know that it won’t and that’s been a big change in my work life. Also helped me move into management and not be useless at it. If I hadn’t trained with [Marcus]you I would be useless. I earned my money back in 6 months in higher earnings and then made sales on top I would never have made without the coaching and training. [outcome in your personal life]And then second question…it is just part of my life now so it helps me perform discovery with people that I care about and gives them an ability to share some things that maybe they wouldn’t of shared before I did the training. I actually was talking to Donal the other day and saying that my Professional development has been good, but the changes this made to my personal life has been unmeasurable…I mean I don’t know how you can quantify it… my friendships are better my relationship is better my family relationships are better so I don’t know how you quantify that but it’s a good result in my eyes. Also I’ve met people who I speak to every day every week from the training who are great friends of mine, and I now rely on them to keep pushing me and challenging me and vice versa (I hope)”  

Teddy Peck

Achieved 110% of quota with just 50% of the headcount

In 2019 I inherited a new team with 5+ years of underperformance.  With 121 coaching and a few sessions with the team we achieved 110% of quota with just 50% of the headcount

Ben Hobkinson
Regional Sales Leader EMEA / Forrester

EBITDA 11% ahead of quota with top line ahead by 6%

Implementing the theory trained wasn’t enough, the ongoing coaching helped to reinforce the learning coupled with the sales leader holding the team to account; our conversion from call to 1st meeting, to second meeting and to signed contract increased to between 6 & 11%.  EBITDA for 8 mid-market business hotels in tough comp sets was 11% ahead of quota with top line ahead by 6%, meaning we converted less incremental business but at a better rate.  Personally: I learned it was ok to show vulnerability, to hold the team to account effectively and to take accountability for my own learning.

Keith Butler

annual turnover grew by 60% in one year

I own a search firm in Paris, France, and I have been coached by Marcus Cauchi on several occasions. To give some context, prior to meeting Marcus, I had 10+ years’ experience in sales, I had been a top 10% producer in several companies including Oracle, and my headhunting business was already flourishing. The impact of these coaching sessions with Marcus on my business and my personal life has been and still is life-changing. One example of a result for my firm is a dramatic increase of my annual turnover, which grew by 60% in one year, without additional headcount. And this is a direct result of hours spent with Marcus which transformed the way I sell forever. Besides, one of the techniques Marcus taught me is how to stay outside of the ‘Drama triangle’. And this is something I use on a daily basis in my personal life, which has had a profound impact on my emotional stability ever since. These are just a few examples, and I am forever grateful for everything Marcus taught me and the impact he had on my life.

Nicolas Greppo

[I’m] closing 300% more business in 33% less time

Marcus taught me more than i can say but the key skill he helped me with is how to disqualify hard. This resulted in me now closing 300% more business in 33% less time. The icing on the cake was using his advice to save £300k on my divorce settlement by not letting my emotions take me away from my planned response to my Ex’s lawyer’s games!

Steve Burnett
Chairman and Director / Compact and Bale

what you don’t do today, you pay for in 3,6 or 9 months time

I learnt the importance of regular consistent prospecting with Marcus, little and often, it reinforces what you don’t do today, you pay for in 3, 6 and 9 months time

Shane Meade

close rates with my team DOUBLED as did my income

I have worked closely with Marcus since the beginning of the pandemic and the improvement in my skills AND results has been tremendous. I use his podcasts as a source of learning however the biggest value has come from working 121 with Marcus. Having him ‘ride along’ with me on sales calls has been invaluable. Marcus is a truly skilled sales coach who pulls no punches. As a direct result of his skills as a trainer/coach/mentor and my determination to learn and apply, my skills as a leader/coach are more effective, my own sales training content is richer but here’s the kicker – close rates with my team doubled, just like my income. Marcus should be your ‘go to’ if you want to improve any aspect of your sales team and sales leadership skills.

Sally Cassidy

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