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Data driven secrets of the best salespeople with Udi Ledergor

The Best Salespeople in the world are masters of human psychology and social engineering

explains Udi Ledergor

In this incredibly informative episode, Udi lifts the lid on early fears and shines a light on what’s possible in the future.

By capturing millions of customer conversations (zoom, phone calls, email and chats) Gong is able to surface the data driven secrets of the best salespeople. In addition, Udi shows how Sales Leaders utilise these insights to target coaching, identify deals that need their attention, and forecast more accurately. He describes how Marketers test new messaging and collaborate with Sales providing social proof. And he highlights how insights inform Product Design.

Early Investors Wrong: Reps Don’t Hate It

Udi explains why Reps embrace the technology. They know that by listening to their own calls they get better. Also by listening to other people on their team, they get better. But what else?

Data Insights

Udi unearths some surprising insights in this high octane episode. He demonstrates the multitude of ways these are used to increase sales. But he also shares some, perhaps unsurprising, insights.

One Gender is systematically better at listening, systematically better at not interrupting and systematically better at asking the right questions

Analysis of Gong Data

But all is not lost for the less fair sex. Tune in to this unmissable episode with Udi Ledergor as he unveils the untold secrets backed by ground breaking data insights.

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