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3x times best selling author, trainer, coach and action leader Tony J Hughes discusses his new book #TechPoweredSales. We explore why technology is a game changer when well designed and intelligently implemented throughout the sales lifecycle. Tony and his co-author Justin Michael have written what is probably the most important sales and revenue operations book to hit the shelves in 20 years.


Ignore their message at your peril. We explore the human-technology partnership that the world’s most successful salespeople are adopting. Based on in-depth, real world research and field experience Tony shares exclusive insights into what the best of the best are doing, their habits, the impact they are having on their companies.

We dig around the best and the worst practices, how salespeople, management and leadership need to adapt, or die. A must listen episode with one of the greatest minds in modern sales anywhere in the world today. And we predict the future of the sales profession. If you want to remain in professional selling and thrive instead of eke out a meagre living before being replaced by robots, bring a note pad and take copious notes. Take the lessons to your management. And if they aren’t willing to adapt, find another job with a company and management that is ready to join the tidal wave that will crush the luddites and dinosaurs.

The future is already here and it is #TechPoweredSales

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