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Warning: Some salty, impassioned language, fuelled by fury and rage!
What’s wrong with sales? What’s wrong with sales management? What’s wrong with the intent of salespeople and their bosses?
The quest for magic dust and #commissionbreath! Everyone wants to be a rock star – fame and fortune – without putting in the graft. The Beatles were an overnight success only after playing 12 hours a day, 7 days a week for 7 years in a Hamburg cellar.
Lack of patience, failure to coach, confusing coaching with telling, lack of leadership, unstructured sales, lack of planning, failure to rehearse, winging it are topics we dig deep on. Imagine what would happen if everyone in your sales team was held account to practice, plan and prepare.
And what the hell is going on with the failure to invest in your managers? It’s lunacy that senior leaders in business refuse to invest in sales management or veteran salespeople. #SalesManagers are in the most precarious management position there is, and according to #JonathanFarrington only 6% (SIX PERCENT) are qualified to be in the role, WORLDWIDE. Just because you were successful as a salesperson does not equip you to manage salespeople. far from it. And the idea that veteran salespeople don’t need to be developed, trained and coached is another harmful myth. They need it as much, if not more than your juniors. Why? Because they are running your biggest and best accounts and they’re facing predation from the competition every day. They need to stay fresh. Overlook them and one of 3 bad outcomes will happen:

  1. They’ll stagnate and become a problem in time, or block progression of brighter, younger rising stars
  2. They’ll be outsold and you’ll lose some of your best accounts
  3. They’ll get so pissed off with you they’ll set up in competition with you
    This is a barnstormer of an interview with Larry and I competing for the worst acts of idiocy and self-sabotage we’ve seen in the sales arena.
    Larry tells how he was humbled and schooled by a CFO who kicked his arse because the experience of being the buyer was excruciating. It fuelled a sea change in his selling beliefs, changed his behaviour forever and catalysed the values that built the foundations of Selling From The Heart.
    If you’ve not yet read Larry’s exceptional book, #SellingFromThe Heart, go and get it now. If you comment on this podcast I can send you the first 3 chapters for free.
    You can contact Larry on:
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    • +1(805) 586-3245 x 302 (Work)

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