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Dave Brock, former theoretical physicist, author of best selling #TheSalesManagerSurvivalGuide and globally renowned sales and growth expert discusses what’s wrong with sales and how to fix it. Be prepared for a trip into the world of Schrödinger’s sales manager!

SalesManagers receive less than 5% of the investment in their training than salespeople receive. Yet their negative impact on a business can easily be 10x the negative impact of a bad sales hire. And a bad sales hire can easily cost a business 35 to 125x their salary.

Let that sink in for a moment!
Sales Managers can cost a business 350x to 1250x their salary! It doesn’t make sense to be HIGHLY selective in who you hire as a sales manager, does it? Think about it, if you hire a bad manager, who is most likely to leave – your weakest or your strongest salespeople? And when they go, who will they take with them to your competition? Your best customers. Is that what you really want?
Dave and I discuss in depth the problems with #salesleadership, #salesmanagement and #sales. We dig into #saleshiring, #onboardingsalespeople, #salestraining, #salesmanagementtraining. We explore the misconceptions of management, the disconnects between sales and HR, sales and marketing, sales and management. And we uncover the real #silverbullet, the #magicdust in sales management …


Yes, it is as painfully obvious as that. Do the basics well over time and mean it. Say no to extraneous, superfluous, shiny stuff to free up time for what actually matters.
This next fact should make you want to retch if you own or run a business. Dave’s research suggests that the #TimeAvailableForSelling in most organisations is as low as 9% and averages just 12-21%.
In an era when fewer than 45% of salespeople worldwide are hitting quota, with 67.9% at or below 60% of quota, it’s time to take a good, long, hard look in the mirror and ask, as management, what are we doing to be sales prevention officers?
With the best of intentions, initiatives intended to drive performance, drive data capture, drive reporting, constant interruptions, increased complexity, have taken salespeople away from their core functions – prospecting, speaking to customers, advancing and closing sales.
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