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Why seller centric selling is dead

Seller centric selling is dead, buyer centric selling is the future.

Guest Brent Keltner, CEO of Winalytics digs deep into the impacts of self centred selling. We delve into the need to ask yourself better questions and reflect on the ripple effects of our decisions, our actions and how we think about our customer. This is not going to be a pretty episode as there are several moments where we hold up the ugly mirror. Buckle up. So much value packed into one show. You will make notes.


When working on expansion and targeting specific markets, thorough planning and research are crucial. It’s essential to understand the market, competition, and customer feedback to effectively sell to them.

Existing customers provide a significant opportunity for expansion. Being the incumbent and having delivered value already, you have an advantage. Focus on suggesting new areas of value and consider bringing in additional stakeholders to the conversation.

Building strong relationships and trust with customers is essential. Leverage the trust and success you have with existing customers to drive expansion. Identify non-customers who could potentially become customers by understanding unmet needs and demand.

Research and understand the initiatives and priorities of your buyers. Proactively identify who to invite into the conversation based on their roles and influence within the organization.

Salespeople should avoid selling in a generic and interruptive way. Instead, they should tailor their approach to enter the customer’s world and provide unique value. Use technology like chat to engage customers and offer something that captures their attention.

Recognise the importance of different buyer roles and their perspectives. Understand who fills these roles and what they care about to effectively engage with them.

Track engagement with customers as a leading indicator of pipeline health and CRM hygiene. Establish a communication cadence with customers based on their value, potential, and needs. Share relevant content and success stories to demonstrate ongoing value.

Sales should focus on creating meaningful partnerships with customers rather than trying to control them. Authentic conversations that prioritize buyer value, personalisation, and action are key to success in today’s buyer-centric environment.

Stick to your purpose and focus on what you do well. Don’t get sidetracked by short-term gains or external pressures. Maintaining faith in your purpose will lead to faster and more meaningful success.

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