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Building a Values Based Community

🎙️🔥 Take a Detour from the Ordinary: Hire for diversity in everything but Values – The Episode You Can’t Miss! 🔥🎙️

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey? This is an absolute must-listen for those savvy enough to venture down “The Road Less Stupid.” In this riveting discussion with Matthew Dashpher-Hughes of Gunner Cooke, you’ll explore the profound significance of Values and how they shape our organisations and our lives.

🔑 Unlocking the Power of Values

One of the central themes of this conversation is the paramount importance of defining values. You’ll understand the value of diversity in many aspects of your organisation. However, when it comes to Values, Matthew stresses that diversity must take a backseat:”Hire for diversity in everything but Values”. Hiring individuals who align with your organisation’s values is crucial to prevent toxicity from seeping into your team and tarnishing customer relationships.

💡 Illuminate the Concept of Values

It’s remarkable how often we overlook the profound significance of values.  Matthew skillfully illuminates this blind spot, urging us to delve deep into our own understanding and interpretations. He emphasizes the importance of ensuring clarity and alignment when communicating with others about values, so that everyone is on the same page.

🌐 The 6C’s: Building a Community Based on Values

Matthew introduces his captivating concept of the 5Cs, which magically evolve into the 6Cs during their conversation. Their discussion revolves around building a community founded on values, trust, and honesty. 

Together, they explore the significance of communication, coordination, cooperation, collaboration, community, and common purpose. And they offer invaluable insights on striving for both the minimum and world-class levels in each area.

The challenges of cultural dissonance and the dangers of incentivising the wrong behaviours with compensation plans are touched upon. The duo also explore the elusive concept of trust and share practical ways to demonstrate it.

As always, the podcast combines personal experiences with wisdom from renowned authors. Matthew draws inspiration from Peter Drucker’s letters and Benjamin Franklin’s 13 virtues, offering a wealth of knowledge for those seeking to unlock their leadership potential.  He unravels the intriguing concept of “meatware,” shedding light on why People often play a central role in failures. And a reason for excellent interview performance which we might overlook.

📚 Unlock a World of Knowledge

As always, this episode offers a plethora of book recommendations that will leave you hungry for more. Discover thought-provoking works such as:

“The Road Less Stupid” by Keith J. Cunningham
“The Solution”
“Loonshots” by Safi Bahcall
“The Brand Bucket” by Barnaby Wynter
“Demand Side Sales” by Bob Moesta
“Trust based selling” by Charles Green
“The Trusted Advisor” by David H Maister
“Selling transformed by Philip Squire

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