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Jordan Bridger: Provocative Insights on Fear Reflection and Change

🎙️ Get ready to unlock new perspectives and elevate your thinking as Jordan Bridger shares insights on Fear Reflection and Change 🎧🔥

The Power of Why

In this thought-provoking episode, Jordan takes us on a profound journey. He navigates through a range of captivating topics that will challenge your worldview and ignite your curiosity. From consciousness, unraveling the intricacies of fear to the power of neuroscience. They discuss the importance of reflection, and the transformational force of the question, “Why?”

Blindspots are not the problem

Jordan’s expertise shines as they explore the fascinating intersection of fear and the fear of AI. Drawing on the teachings of Jaques Lacon (not Chaka Khan as I originally misheard) and the concept of Voids as containers of culture, Jordan uncovers the subtle influences that shape our perceptions and behaviour. He sheds light on why blind spots are not obstacles but rather gateways to personal growth and discovery. By challenging established beliefs Jordan empowers us to navigate our lives with greater clarity and purpose.

Prepare to expand your horizons as Jordan introduces the groundbreaking concept of heterotopia. Discover what Gary Mitchell has in common with French Philosopher Michel Foucault.

Challenge conventional thinking and explore uncharted territories of thought. Marcus and Jordan provoke listeners to question the conventional notions of powerlessness. And they invite us to embrace uncertainty as a catalyst for growth.

Throughout the episode, Jordan skillfully intertwines the exploration of fear and the fear of AI. He providesng fresh insights into the complexities of memory too and its profound impact on our perceptions. By reframing our perspectives, he ignites the possibilities that lie within us. He also prompts us to embrace the limitless potential of the unknown.

Tune in to this extraordinary conversation with Jordan Bridger and Marcus. Their unique blend of wisdom, intellect, and passion will captivate you. And if nothing I have written sparks your interest, Jordan’s infectious giggle will uplift your spirits. I challenge you not to smile when you hear it.

Recommended Reading: Jacques Lacan and Prof Lisa Feldman Barrett’s ‘How emotions are made’

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