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🔥📊 Unlocking the Power of Data: Join the Conversation! 🎧

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, analytics and data insights are essential for success. But have you ever felt that by the time you get the data, it’s already too late? 🤔 Mark Stouse of Proof Analytics talks to to #TheInquisitor about unlocking the power of data.

He’ll explain that 📈 big data doesn’t mean a lot of data. Companies often find themselves drowning in a sea lean data, yet lacking the right insights to make informed decisions. It’s time to shift our focus to the data that truly matters, enabling us to uncover valuable patterns and drive real impact.

🔍We’ll discover that causality, the relationship between cause and effect, is not always straightforward. Just because there’s a pattern, it doesn’t imply causality. So it’s crucial to dig deeper and understand how data can truly contribute to a more cohesive and customer-centric experience.

⚡️ With the variety, volatility, and velocity of today’s market changes, we need analytics more than ever before. These powerful tools help us navigate the dynamic business landscape, enabling us to adapt, seize opportunities, and stay ahead of the competition.

Mark also talks about marketing automation and fake personalisation. They may seem appealing at first, but in reality, they can be corrosive and erode customer confidence and trust. We need genuine connections and experiences, not just surface-level interactions. Exploitation, like a regrettable one-night stand, leaves both parties unsatisfied.

💔 Churn, the cost associated with losing customers, is a painful reality. But the solution lies in understanding your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). The wrong customer can cause downstream management issues, so focus on attracting and retaining the right ones.

💼 Listen and find out why the relationship between trust and average deal velocity is key. Learn what leads customers to conduct more due diligence. Hear stories from the aerospace industry and analogies from kitchens to ⚾️baseball. This episode has it all.

💡 Mark recommends ‘The economics of data, analytics, and digital transformation’ Bill Schmarzo’s groundbreaking book.

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