Don’t Try And Get Your Emotional Needs Met On A Sales Call

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Brad McDonald was the captain of a nuclear submarine before he retired from the navy and became a salesman. Going from being the master of his own destiny where his word was law, responsible for the lives and security of millions in his hands, to a sweaty handed, gibbering wreck terrified by secretaries giving hem a hard time the other end of a phone, Brad documents his journey from sales dud to sales stud!
Author of the excellent book THE ART AND SKILL OF SALES PSYCHOLOGY (UK link), Brad and I discuss the science behind the art of selling, sales psychology and sales management.
Today, Brad is one of the home office coaches for the Sandler franchisee network so he gets to speak to a lot of messed up, sick puppies like me! He had his own franchise for many years and prior to that sold financial products.
He explains the foundations of the Sandler selling system, Transactional Analysis. Sandler has great technique which works well on their own BUT, if you understand the psychological underpinnings to the system, and apply them with the techniques, you can take your selling to another level entirely.
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