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Al Tepper is the founder of #TepFu is a master of lazy marketing and self-styled as the Barry White of disruptive marketing. Two portly old geezers discuss the difference between disruption and innovation.

Whilst disruption is aligned to innovation, they are different. Innovation is enhancing what already exists whereas doing something completely new is disruption. You win battles by not fighting the battle but by picking the terrain. In business you can out-spend or out-position your competition

Conversion Mastery

Al has developed a 3 step process called conversation mastery:

  1. Brand Mastery – developing the most incredible story is about winning the first mile
  2. Content Mastery – bring imagination to your content. Don’t be bland. Stand apart
  3. Campaign Mastery – weaponise your brand and your content strategies into effective campaigns that will attract the people you want to come towards you

Meet your prospective customers where your objectives meet their objectives.
But know your “WHY”. Why you do what you do? Know why they care – their Why. Where they cross over is where the emotional connection is made.
We explore why ego causes the disconnect between marketing and sales. Sales is JUST A SUBSET OF MARKETING. It’s vitally important but it is part of marketing. This needs to stop!! NOW!!

Another key piece of advice: stop encouraging the culture where everyone in sales and marketing is out for themselves. Also, align everyone towards a common goal – making and keeping the customer happy.

Emerson’s law of compensation tells us that if you help enough other people get their needs met, generally you will in turn get your needs met too.

Al commits a wonderfully refreshing heresy and tells you why what you are measuring in your marketing reflects more about your ego than what really matters.

Marketing is a conversation. Moreover, if you are not having more subsurface conversations, your marketing isn’t working.

Disruptive Marketing

Finally, we explore developing Implementation Contracts with clients. Listen to the end to learn more. They are a stroke of genius!

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