Grow a Spine and Charge What You’re Worth with Dr Tim J Smith

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Grow a spine and charge what you’re worth

Tim J Smith of Wiglaf pricing shares my view that discounting is a sin. Giving away margin because your reps have a bad money concept is unforgivable. Listen and learn how to charge what you’re worth

How often does a founder or leadership team encourage discounting? Do you ever calculate what the true, full hidden cost of an initial discount will be over a customer’s lifetime? It’ll make your FD or CFO weep.

🎙️💰💪 “Grow a Spine and Charge What You’re Worth” Whatever sales methodology you use, SPIN, Challenger Sale, Solution Selling, MEDDIC, Sandler you’ll have a conversation about money at some point.

Dr Tim J Smith sits down with me to talk about the importance of Pricing. Tim recommends having a separate pricing function that reports directly to the CEO and advocates alignment across sales, marketing and finance functions and to establish pricing as a strategic priority.

We discuss the need for salespeople to be financially literate, and have a deep understanding of the relationship between value and price. We emphasize the use of tools to help salespeople determine pricing and to avoid leaving money on the table. Tim talks about the stretch goal, realistic and walk away price and the importance of resilience and belief in defending pricing. And how poor money concept and self-concept can act as barriers to closing deals.

Tim and I don’t pull any punches. This will be an uncomfortable listen for many of you.

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