The Sales Enigma: Decoding Success in Sales and Management

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Decoding Success in Sales and Management

Kieran Krohn – Individual Contributor, Partner Manager and Mid-Market Sales Manager discusses the qualities of great salespeople and effective managers. Decoding success in sales is crammed full of information for any manager.

We discuss the dangers of playbook blindness. In this episode of the Inquisitor podcast, Marcus interviews Kieran Krohn, a highly effective mid-market direct manager. We discuss Kieran’s transition from being a phenomenal channel manager to a successful direct manager and the importance of developing partnering skills to become an effective manager.

Kieran shares his process for recruiting and how he worked on it to take it to a whole new height. They also talk about the importance of understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each team member to manage performance effectively.

In decoding success in Sales, Kieran delves into the three key traits of a successful salesperson: being driven, self-motivated, and coachable. We explain the concept of Price’s Law, which emphasises the importance of prioritising the right fit business and identifying prospects and customers that have a lot of potential.

Finally, Kieran suggests that empowering individuals with autonomy, competency, and trust leads to achieving outcomes. To learn more about Kieran Krohn, you can connect with him on LinkedIn at

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