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Rebecca Murtagh is founder of the Human AI Institute.

Get ready for an insightful episode of the Inquisitor Podcast 🎧! Marcus Cauchi and Rebecca Murtagh explore the compelling world of AI, technology, and human growth 💡. Join them as they face challenges and opportunities in a rapidly changing world 🌎.

Discover the secrets to asking better questions, prioritising profitability over revenue, and using AI to boost your creativity and critical thinking 🧠. Feel the excitement as they discuss cognitive diversity and AI’s potential to hep us tackle complex problems 🤖!

Embrace collaboration and community to future-proof your career and business 🤝. Marcus and Rebecca dive into AI ethics, leadership, and untapped investment opportunities in emerging markets 🌍.

Don’t miss this engaging episode that blends the future of AI, technology, and human innovation 🚀

Contact Rebecca on linkedin.com/in/rebeccamurtagh


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