What You Need To Know To Build An International Sales Channel

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Nick Jones has gone from start up to exit in the past 15 years. He built his business entirely through #internationalsaleschannels. The #alliances and #partnerships he built allowed him to scale and grow fast, establishing highly influential relationships through the Middle East and Africa within governments, education systems and infrastructure.
He focused on working with a small group of special forces partners. He helped them sell, to make money and they have been loyal, highly productive and taken him into their best accounts. He invested time in making them successful, teaching them how to sell what his company produced.
His early days in channel sales were held back by managers who thought like everyone else, lacked imagination and actually harmed the trust he’d built up with him partners who then refused to take him into their end customers. That was the catalyst that drove him to set up his own business. From humble beginnings to $hundreds of millions in annual revenues, Nick learned to scale a business without the wheels coming off.
He tells his story, and discusses what worked, what didn’t the challenges any scale up will face and what you need to do to stay focused, on track and keep your profits healthy.
Nick is now semi-retired and looking for his next project. Together we are looking for 8 scale up technology companies who want to grow at 200%+ per annum year on year to achieve over $1billion in annual sales over the next 8 years
Channel sales is THE toughest sales role there is in sales bar none. Take a look at what an average channel manager has to do

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