What You Need To Know About Selling To The C-Suite

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Steve Hall has carved a place for himself by helping others sell to the C-suite. He helps CEOs unblock the bottleneck to growth when sales have stalled.
We explore why ineffective salespeople so often get stuck in sales Siberia, the traps many create for themselves by over reliance on one or other social media channel and why so many have bloated pipelines full on non-opportunities, stalled deals, prospects who tell them they need to “think it over” and why forecasts are little better than a finger in the air.
He shares excellent ideas on how to break this pattern and reverse your sales fortunes by engaging with the people in your target accounts who can make things happen and find budget where none currently exists.
Steve is another grizzled old sales veteran of complex, high ticket international sales, helping solve strategic problems for C-suite executives. 
We discuss why most salespeople behave like a drunk travellers back from Magaluf who insist on showing photos of their holidays to unwilling strangers! It’s not pretty and it’s not clever! This interview is a great precursor to my next interview with #AnthonyIannarino which explores how to #displaceincumbentcompetitors
You can contact Steve via LinkedIn
or via his website executivesalescoaching.com.au
or via his email [email protected]
and Twitter on @stevehallsydney

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