Mental Toughness With Gavin Ingham: What Separates Winners From Wimps

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Gavin Ingham is a sales veteran, a #TEDxSpeaker and #founder of #IAm10. He specialises in helping companies build powerful sales teams on a foundation of #MentalToughness.
We discuss questions like:
• What is mental toughness?
• Can it be developed? How?
• What separates the winners from the losers in sales?
• Why do bad habits persist in sales and sales management?
• What impact can managers have on the performance of a sales team?
• Why do gaps in management capability exist?
• How important is management culture in creating the conditions for mental toughness?
• What do bad leaders do to hamstring good salespeople?
• What is motivation?
• Can a manager really motivate a salesperson?
Gavin and I have a frank conversation about the highs and lows in sales, the roots of self-sabotage, the power of cultural pressure to conform instead of challenge the status quo.
As usual, no punches are pulled. Practical advice based on over 60 years of scar tissue, this interview is a must for #BusinessOwners, #CEO’s, #VPSales, #SalesDirectors who want to build #HighPerformance #SalesTeams.
Listen if you’re frustrated because:
• Your sales team suffers from #FeastAndFamine #performance
• Your managers rescue (help without boundaries or permission)
• Your sales team suffers from #HighTurnover
• You struggle to retain #APlayers and #TopTalent
• You keep hiring b- and c-players
• You’re failing to develop #YoungTalent who show aptitude
• You’ve ever hired a #HeavyHitter who promised the earth and failed to deliver
• Your own #SalesCareer isn’t moving as fast or as far as your #ambition demands
Mental toughness is a prerequisite in a role where rejection is the order of the day. Mental toughness enables winners to bounce back, to keep going when hard times hit, when rejection is the order of the day and when all around you are crumbling under the pressure of professional sales.
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Gavin is a highly sought after speaker for sales kick offs and conferences and has trained hundreds of thousands of salespeople over the past 30 years. If you want a keynote with content and laughter, get in touch.

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