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Learning from the history of sales with Todd Caponi

“There’s nothing new in the world except the history you do not know”

Ultimate transparency nerd, sales historian, collector, author, teacher of many of the world’s most successful sales producers, Todd Caponi is my guest on this week’s episode #481.

We dive deep into the history of sales, exploring its cyclical nature from being trusted and respected to being terrible and back again. We shed light on the striking similarities between the current economic situation and that of 1921-23, emphasising the need for salespeople to adapt and embrace new strategies in a rapidly changing world.

Key points from episode

  1. A Mirror to the Past: Comparing the current economic situation to 1919-1922, with high salesperson turnover rates and the need to be prepared for upcoming changes.
  2. Arthur Sheldon’s Timeless Wisdom: “True salesmanship is the science of service” – how this principle still holds true today.
  3. The Evolution of Sales Processes: From the AIDA model to the shift towards seller activity-based approaches and recognising buyer behaviour.
  4. The Modern Buying Journey: Understanding the needs of today’s well-informed buyers and questioning outdated sales techniques.
  5. Honesty, Service, and AI: How technology can enhance sales by predicting objections and providing valuable information.
  6. The Pitfalls of Metrics Obsession: Avoiding a decline in win rates and an influx of wrong prospects by focusing on quality over quantity.
  7. IKEA’s Lesson: The importance of expectation setting and branding to improve customer satisfaction.
  8. Building a Customer-Focused Team: Hiring and compensating individuals who prioritise long-term relationships and customer satisfaction.
  9. Intrinsic Motivation in Hiring: Identifying candidates driven by a thirst for learning to reduce turnover.
  10. Sales Management & Leadership: The crucial role of skilled managers in a tight economy.
  11. Creating a Positive Work Environment: The benefits of transparency, ethical selling, and a supportive atmosphere on performance and creativity.

Sales have come a long way, and it’s time for businesses to embrace change by understanding their customers’ needs, adopting modern approaches, and fostering a positive work environment. Let’s learn from history and build a future of ethical, transparent, and service-oriented sales. (ROFLMFAO!)

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