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“Buying is difficult. It’s a salesperson’s job to help their buyers navigate complexity,” Kevin Dixon spent 20 years at Ericsson and achieved the status of top salesman so many times he got to keep the trophy. One year he hit 1012% of his profit target and was the highest paid person in Ericsson, worldwide.

Founder and CEO of Boxxstep, he’s a grizzled old sales veteran with an axe to grind against the insanity of current sales, sales management and sales leadership thinking. We got on like a house on fire!

Kevin says, “Discovery is contrived and biased to get the answers you want”. Instead, he advocates in depth buyer discovery, tracking:

Who else is involved?

What do they care about?

What are the dynamics between them?

How are you tracking the prospect’s business problems?

How are you tracking needs and criteria?

This stuff is obvious, but too often overlooked, ignored or rushed. Failure in these areas means you don’t show up when you need to be, you aren’t informed, so you don’t bring value. 3 big no-no’s that will cut your close rates by as much as 87% are:

Lack of coverage

Lack of engagement

Don’t learn from every engagement

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