10 Tips To Go Nuclear With Your Marketing At No Cost

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Rian Lanigan is a feckless Millennial from #Ratoath in #Ireland who doesn’t understand that the path to success is paved with years of hard work. Nor does he understand that you need a bit of grey hair or a massively receding hairline to be taken seriously in corporate boardrooms.
Which is why the fact that he has a rapidly growing international client base is even more galling and perplexing. Rian is a next generation digital marketer.He understands that to grow big you have to aim small. He operates in a very tight niche in which he is rapidly becoming the dominant force. He combines well considered strategy with simple but sublime tactical marketing that help his clients achieve triple digit growth at negligible additional cost.
In this interview we discuss 10 practical tips to explode your marketing’s performance. Each tip is clearly explained, examples given and the tactics you need to apply them, shared.
1 How to grab and keep attention
2 Nobody likes to be told what to do
3 What’s the point of sending it if they don’t open it?
4 How to go viral
5 Avoid SNAFUs
6 The slingshot effect
7 You bring the audience and I’ll bring the candy
8 Skinning the cat
9 Emerson’s law of compensation
10 Prepare your day
He’s helped one client grow their audience from a couple of hundred to 600,000 in 24 months. He’s filled events that have earned his clients a 25,000% ROI in 6 weeks or less. He’s secured the corporate digital marketing contract for a $250,000,000 global business. He turns flat business into self-funding growth business.
Listen to what he has to say. Put his suggestions into practice. Report back in 30 days what impact he’s had on your business. I challenge you NOT to make money off the back of this podcast.
If you want a free chapter of his forthcoming book email mcauchi(at)sandler(dot)com

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