Nuclear Marketing: Skinning The Cat

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How skinning the cat can 6x your revenues!
This is 1 of 10 tips #RianLanigan gives on my next podcast to help you increase your revenues by 600% or more. 2 minutes and 26 seconds of pure gold
Millennials are lazy, entitled, have a short attention span and expect the Earth. Rian Lanigan proves that is utter bullshit.
Fresh faced and depressingly young he may be, but the man knows more about street-fighter marketing than almost anyone I have met in the past 32 years. A relentless tester of his theories, he distils 2 years of concentrated effort into 10 practical tips even old fuddy-duddy baby-boomers can apply for immediate profit. Yes, even you!
Simple, practical and tested in the real world. He’s helped one client grow his audience from a couple of hundred to 600,000 in 2 years. He routinely secures 65% open rates on email campaigns. Another client of Rian’s won 2 new 5-digit clients by leveraging her competitor’s network!
Rian Lanigan turns your marketing nuclear!

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