Why You’re Failing At Enterprise Sales And How To Fix It

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John Smibert, co-author of bestselling #TheWentworthProspect, silver medal winner at the #TopSalesAwards 2021, #TSA21, and more than 30 year veteran selling complex, high value, multi-decision maker, strategically important technology enterprise sales. He’s seen and perpetrated the good, the bad and the ugly. We chart his journey, the impact having a coach and mentor early in his career has had on his personal performance and his approach to management.

We offer insights into the causes of failure in enterprise selling and how to prevent them, work around them and eventually turn them into strengths. A frank, pragmatic approach to leading and building competent, reliable, consistent high performance enterprise sales teams.

If you want a synopsis of The Wentworth Prospect by John Smibert, Wayne Moloney and Jeff Clulow, type “Synopsis” in the comments

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