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Transformative Storytelling, with Philipp Humm

Philipp and Marcus dish out some transformative storytelling secrets in this latest chat on sales. To pique your curiosity, Philipp’ got this mysterious yet effective SERV formula: Listen to find out more.

Imagine meeting a prospect and instantly clicking with a short, engaging connection story. And what if you could level up their game with thought-provoking scaling questions? Intrigued? We thought so.

Success stories that turn customers into heroes, with snappy dialogue and irresistible benefits, are just the tip of the iceberg. Exciting story openings, a human touch, and a sprinkle of ChatGPT‘s creative flair – that’s the recipe for storytelling magic.

But that’s not all. Do these topics leave you hungry for the full conversation? Open questions with customers, razor-sharp editing, and storytelling that genuinely connects – it’s all there. Making customers the stars, inspiring change, and transforming small talk into memorable moments – the secrets are waiting to be unveiled.

Are you ready to uncover the power of live storytelling clinics and stories tailored for the buyer’s journey? Join Philipp and Marcus as they ride the wave of storytelling in sales, applying the SURF formula to captivate and compel audiences. Don’t miss out on this thrilling adventure!

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