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Dr Palmer dispels AI fear

AI FOR THE REST OF US: How To Outsmart Big Tech And Become An AI Master. Dr Palmer dispels AI fear and tells how leaders will use AI in the future to create the organisations they want.

Does AI mean the end of businesses like yours?

Think again.

In this no-holds-barred discussion, AI strategist and expert Dr Lisa Palmer and Marcus Cauchi reveal how underdogs like you can outsmart Big Tech and become an AI master.

Lisa argues AI fear-mongering misses its TRUE benefits: efficiency, productivity and solving wicked problems. The key? Setting guardrails while leveraging AI’s potential.

But how can we gain the upper hand? Lisa notes companies often lack a deep understanding of their data to ask the right AI questions. Marcus proposes a disruptive approach: a team of advisors researching companies simultaneously to reveal opportunities traditional approaches miss.

They discuss the challenges of integrating AI into inflexible cultures and outdated business models. Lisa believes an agile culture is pivotal for success. Marcus cites examples of how AI is transforming sales – from automating content to tailoring customer interactions.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

How to regulate AI responsibly while capitalising on its advantages ✅
Develop an agile culture that EMBRACES – not fears – AI ✅
Tactics for using MULTIPLE AI tools to gain original perspectives ✅
Strategies for using AI to REINVENT business models and gain competitive edges✅

Don’t miss this robust discussion on the realities – and possibilities – of how AI can give YOU the upper hand against Big Tech. You’ll learn how to develop the RIGHT attitudes, habits and outlooks to navigate the AI revolution and gain an advantage today.

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