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How many Porsches can you drive at once

Eric Steeves

Eric Steeves is someone who has really impressed me. In the past 2 weeks he has opened my eyes to the future of #SalesManagement and #RevenueOperations. His approach is one I find deeply refreshing. Listen and you’ll understand why. He is measured, humble and committed to helping others succeed. Hear how differently he approaches sales, how he involves others, his diagnosis of the true problems his customers need to addess. Listen to his approach towards competition, cooperation and partnering.

Eric is a deep thinker who spends time patiently understanding the problem and the intended outcome to create elegant solutions that deliver the intended result, are widely adopted with minimal friction, and sustain the ravages of time and use.

And if you ever wondered how to create a fair compensation plan that rewards all those who contributed to the successful execution of the sale all the way through to the customer reporting they have accomplished their intended outcome, bring a pen and notepad. We may just have cracked the compensation problem!

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