Rapid Results

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Rapid Results Programme

The rapid results programme design ensures some quick fixes and early wins.

You’re here because maybe you’re worried about not hitting quota, perhaps you’re confused because your competition is winning or you are struggling to get your message heard. You don’t have much time to get your house in order. So you want results and fast.

Rapid Results Programme Overview

The first step is to contact Marcus and discuss your suitability to join the programme. If there’s a fit you can join. If not Marcus will refer you to someone better suited to helping you or recommend another resource.

In addition to the topics listed below, others are substituted as required. Individual circumstances dictate the order of session delivery. Consequently session delivery is either 121 or in a group format. Moreover you will have the opportunity to practice what you learn in a safe, guided environment.

  • Learn how to identify, attract your ideal customer. Communicate your message clearly, make yourself relevant and think AS your customer
  • Speak to people who don’t pick up the phone or reply to email, and build a certain, quality pipeline of willing buyers
  • Understand how to establish clear expectations, rules of engagement and boundaries to protect both sides
  • Help your customer diagnose the true causes of their frustrations and pains. Codevelop a sustainable solution that delivers their desired outcomes
  • Reach powerful agreements as your customer’s trusted partner. Focus both your effort and attention on your customer’s problem and their desired outcome
  • Eliminate backouts and cancellations, secure referrals systematically, identify cross sell and up sell opportunities
  • Develop advanced questioning and listening skills
Image credit: Thanks to Filip Mroz for the image