Hiring Winners

Hiring Winners

Hiring Winners is a 6 Session Programme delivered biweekly over zoom but can also be delivered in-house.

Hiring the Best-Fit Candidate…the First Time

1) What Do You Have to Lose?

The cost of making a bad hire is more than you might imagine. It’s not just the tangible elements: lost sales, revenue, and profit, but also the intangible aspects: relationships and reputation (which are priceless).

In this module, you will examine the eye-opening economics of making a bad hire, and identify some early warning signs to pay attention to.

2) Start at the Beginning

The process of identifying a best-fit candidate starts long before you advertise the position or read the first resume. It begins by first identifying the specific requirements of the job. How well can you judge a candidate’s suitability for a position if the requirements of that position haven’t been specifically identified? In short, you can’t.

Learn how to develop a meaningful job profile (not a wish list) that accurately defines job functions and responsibilities. You will discover how the profile is instrumental in developing appropriate and relevant interview questions and makes the candidate selection process easier and more accurate.

3) The Interview

The interview is not an opportunity for the candidate to rehash his or her experiences and achievements. That information is in the resume.

It’s an opportunity to get to know the candidates and determine how well they express themselves—what kind of questions they ask and what sort of responses they give.

In this module, you will learn how to ask relevant questions designed to reveal a candidate’s goodness of fit to the position.

You will learn how to use probing, and sometimes provocative, questions that reveal the candidates’ mindset – how they think, act, and react. You will create specific questions to help you get a sense of where the candidate is on the “timid-to-outspoken” scale.

Learn how to create a benchmark framework for determining and comparing candidates’ degree of fit for the position.

And you will learn how to structure an offer in a manner that reveals the candidate’s ability to make on-the-spot decisions.

4) Stacking the Deck

The time to identify a top-notch candidate is before you need one.

In this module, you will learn how to build a “bench” of “A” players who are ready to be called up to fill a position as needed.

You will discover why, in some cases, it makes sense to bring someone on board before they are needed.

You will learn how to promote the position in a manner that attracts good-fit candidates and recruiters, as well.

5) Growth and Development Starts Day One…and Never Stops

All new hires, regardless of their tenure and degree of experience, need to learn the ropes—the language, customs, culture, communication norms, company policies, interpersonal dynamics, etc.

That level of support, though its focus may change, should continue as the new hire grows with the company.

In this module you will discover the benefits of making “continuous improvement” the foundation of your company.

You will learn how to “onboard” new hires so they can hit the ground running, develop appropriate routines and habits, and hone their skills.

You will also discover the tangible and intangible benefits for the company and the employees when the same level of support provided for new hires is provided for veteran employees as well.

Hiring Winners costs £1,250+VAT per person for the 6 week programme or £300+VAT per session. To register and pay by bank transfer, please contact us by email here or to register and pay by credit card, please click below.

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