Learning From Scar Tissue: Confessions of a Channel Sales Street Fighter

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Paul Lloyd has been involved in #channelsales for the past 35 years. He’s made a lot of mistakes along the way. Failure is your best teacher – your own and the failures of others. Paul has developed a lot of scar tissue in that time, seen fads come and go and has learned that success in #partnerships happens when you have to focus on doing the basics well, consistently, over time and meaning them.
He’s worked in #VAR, #MSP, #Disti / #Distribution and #ITVendor. He’s worked in small and medium operators, #scaleups, #startups and #turnarounds.
Like me, his experience has made him suitably cynical and jaded because he sees so many acts of stupidity, self-sabotage and selfishness in the channel. We discuss some of them in detail

  • Why #DealRegistration is a bad thing for smaller partners and for customers
  • Why #partners suffer from vendor fatigue and frustration
  • Why partners aren’t loyal
  • Why cultural lack of awareness kill opportunities and damages trust
    Paul has built a software vendor’s channel sales into the £multi-millions by working with fewer partners, understanding what they want to achieve and helping them achieve it and supporting them to meet their own goals and objectives. He’s built an MSP from virtually the ground floor to £90m per annum.
    He pulls no punches, speaks directly to what’s wrong, what works, what doesn’t.
    Well worth an hour of your time.

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