How Mental Toughness Can Boost Your Sales

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How Understanding Your Mental Toughness Will Boost Your Sales Performance

Lorna Lawless is a #coaching#psychologist specialising in coaching #mentaltoughness. She coaches gnarly, hairy arsed MMA fighters, grizzled old lags of salespeople and entitled or scared and out of their depth business leaders.

We explore what is mental toughness? Why do people lack it? How does one acquire it? Unless you are aware of where you fit on the 4C-scale of mental toughness it is easy to self-sabotage or fall prey to your internal dialogue. It can diminish you power, eat into your self-concept or make you come across as rude, brash and insensitive.

Lorna makes the point that we all have it and are born with a propensity to mental toughness, and it can be developed and coached, but what too few managers and leaders are asking is what can they do to develop mental toughness in their people

* Control
* Commitment
* Challenge
* Confidence