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Have you ever wondered what it’s really like to be one of your customers? In the cutthroat world of technology, your customers’ experience can mean the difference between winning or keeping £billions in lifetime customer revenues.

Leahanne Hobson and her Vienna based company #AlineaPartners uncover the truth about buying from you. #CustomerExperience goes so much deeper than the simple transaction. Every touch, from their first visit to your website, to trying to find information, even as simple as your phone number, how long it takes to get an answer to questions, to aftercare and handling complaints determines who buys and who doesn’t, how much they buy, how long they remain a customer and how often they will refer or damn you in the eyes of others.

It’s too important to leave to chance. Imagine a buyer having to make 27 attempts to get through to you or leave 23 messages before getting any response! Of course this doesn’t happen often. Actually, such stories are all too common.
Fighting so hard to get business in through the front door only to let it run out of the back door due to avoidable oversights, laziness, underinvestment and neglect are false economies.
Leahanne and I have a robust conversation about the #customerjourney, translating that into the #partnerexperience and the simple changes you can make to create a winning #buyerexperience, to build #loyalty, #referrals and #growprofits through

  • improved buying processes — more people buy from you & are happier when they do – aligned, optimised sales & marketing for the betterment of customers – changed business models – do not force customers to accept something new just because it’s new – nurtured salespeople with larger communities & more buyers who want to buy from them
    Better buying processes mean more successful salespeople. You know how hard it is to find and recruit good salespeople. Making their job harder than it needs to be means the wrong type of sales turnover. Ensuring #sales, #marketing and #customersuccess teams are aligned means you spend less time undermining your investments in all 3 and you realise your investments in #salesenablement technologies.
    Contact Leahanne on leahanne.hobson@alinea-partners.com or by phone on +4369911801433. Follow her on Twitter @LeahanneHobson

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