Why Profit is Sanity & Revenue is Vanity: Obligation and Stress

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Entrepreneurs! Listen to to my interview with Mike Michalowicz and learn how to liberate yourself from entrepreneurial poverty!
• Are you sick of being a cash crop for the taxman?
• Are you tired of working stupid hours, building a “successful” business yet you get to keep too little money?
• Do you know which traditional business practices are holding back your financial freedom?
• What prevents you from optimising your efficiency & effectiveness in your business?
The traditional accounting model of “Sales Revenue – Expenses = Profits” is broken. The smartest entrepreneurs take out profit first and use the remainder for expenses & costs.
Utilising the principles of #ProfitFirst:
• Get your business to pay your PERSONAL tax bill
• Intelligently use your scarce resources for maximum profit
• Establish a business of significance that serves you instead of you being a slave to it
• Regain control of your time so you can spend it with the people you love doing what you love
• Be known for excellence in your market attracting the best customers and the best employees
• Create a systematised business whose goals are aligned with the personal goals of your people
• Connect your company to your customers and your marketplace
• Discover how to recruit and develop your team to be 9x as productive as your competitor’s staff
• Create a business that will attract prospective  buyer willing to pay outrageous multiples of as much as 40x profits
• Generate #HyperProfits, #ScaleUp fast without losing control
You can buy Mike’s books on Amazon:
Profit First Audiobook
Profit First Kindle
Profit First Hardback
 You con connect with Mike at www.mikemotorbike.com 
If you’d like to speak to a Profit First professional about helping you in your business or you would like to be considered to become a Profit First professional yourself go to https://www.profitfirstprofessionals.com/ready-to-find-a-profit-first-professional/ 

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