What Are Martech, Unified Business And 2-Tier Distribution

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Pete Nicholls, CEO of #HubDo, is a pioneer. A pioneer is man with arrows in his back. Veteran of the channel, Pete  has pioneered ideas that are now the norm across the tech industry. He worked for Dimension Data (now NTT) and Cisco, and today HubDo is a Platinum Partner for #HubSpot, he represents #PandaDoc and a growing portfolio of vendors.He established HubDo in 2011 when he spotted an opportunity in the growth area of #Martech championing the concept and practice of #UnifiedBusiness. In 2019 HubDo created #HubDoCloud, the first multivendor “Cloud as a Service” (ClaaS) for Unified Business Solutions. With a variety of ISVs, HubDoCloud simplifies the selection, integration, provisioning and management of per-Client application clouds to support industry solutions. Pete’s worked both sides of the fence and today works closely with #agencies and he shares his insights on what works, what doesn’t and what is coming in the near future. 
He is leading the way in helping vendors develop a #2TierChannel model helping smaller partners achieve sales growth of both their vendor products and value added services.
A lively, informative interview with a leading visionary in the #channel

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