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According to CSO Insights 2018, 64% of salespeople worldwide hit their quota in 2013. In 2018, it looks like that has fallen to BELOW 50%. The blind reliance on social selling, propagated by people with an axe to grind to sell social media training, is in large part responsible for this shocking result.
In part 2 of my packed interview with #SamRathling, we discuss the opportunities and pitfalls for corporate executives of using LinkedIn.
Listen in for some tough home truths and practical tips on using LinkedIn to build your company, hire the best talent, enhance your reputation personally and as a business leader.
Sam is Europe’s number 1 #LinkedIn trainer for Corporates.  She’s been a user of LI since 2003 and she eats her own dog food. She is always booked months in advance, and personally secures 10-30 INBOUND enquiries per day using what she teaches! Her clients generate immediate positive results which can be as high as a 400% increase in pipeline. She regularly helps them win 6-figure accounts. It starts with aligning your company strategy with your @LinkedIn strategy. 
We discuss company branding for sales and attracting top talent. We explore personal branding, sales, rekindling lapsed relationships, the power of testimonials, the mistakes corporates make when they misuse LinkedIn, the potential for reputation damage or career advancement and much more.
This interview is packed with practical advice on #winning and building #enterprise accounts using the #power of LinkedIn.
For the avoidance of doubt, LinkedIn alone without picking up the phone & creating engagement is like running your car on only one cylinder.
We’d love to hear from you about your tips for building your brand, winning sales, expanding accounts and developing partnerships using LinkedIn. 

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