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The Evil Bald Genius, #JonMcCulloch, is a brick and mortar marketer whose opinions are frank, forthright and pointed. Don’t listen if you are easily offended. He is on a mission to #SaveTheHighStreet.
We discuss why brick and mortar marketers generally aren’t very good at marketing and why they are leaving s***loads of money on the table, why they struggle to differentiate and why they are letting their market disappear from under them through lack of imagination and not doing even the basics of marketing.
There is a little swearing so again, if you’re offended by this, don’t listen or if you do, all I can tell you is “I told you so”.
He is on the spectrum which gives him a refreshing honesty. He’s not in business to pander to your whims or spare your feelings but to put cash in your bank account.

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