Isn’t It Time We Rethink The Role of Sales Manager?

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“How can you produce a plan when you have no vision?”, asks Lenwood M. Ross. We explore why training fails repeatedly and predictably.

We identify where leadership’s attention is focused and why it often results in damaging unintended consequences. We ask the question why L&D isn’t the right hand of the Board, spearheading the execution of their strategy.

“The behaviour change is what’s important”, says Lenwood. By enabling to become operational coaches, your middle management layer, particularly in sales, will release the full creativity of every employee simultaneously. By enabling managers to offer Operational Coaching(TM), you free upwards of 40-60% of an average manager’s working day to spend on high value management activities.

Lenwood’s core business is delivering digital transformation. The difference is he starts with the people. #Change, #Transformation and #OrganisationalDevelopment programmes are GUARANTEED to fail unless you bring your people on board and help them understand why the better future is worth the upheaval of changing.

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