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“Is curing people a viable business model?” – does this question asked by Goldman Sachs raise the hackles on your neck or make you think, “that sounds like a reasonable question”? Why as a society are we asking the wrong questions?

Jon Thor Sigurleifsson is a #TechnologyEvangelist and #CorporatePunk whose purpose is to inspire us to ask better questions and better the lives of those he serves and wider society. He delivers a refreshing, well considered, disruptive message. Yes, he is an idealist but also very much a pragmatist.

We cover a wide range of societal, commercial and moral questions in a lively discussion and I can’t wait to have him back for another conversation about asking the right, tough questions to which we might not want the answers but need to be asked.
We draw on our diverse international and commercial experiences, we discuss value, ethics, priorities that are affecting us today with the stranglehold of the global financial system, corporate selfish-self interest pitted against human rights, unnecessary human suffering. We touch on the #FinancialSingularity that has already occurred and why #AI should be welcomed not feared.
Mostly, an optimistic view of the future and a thoroughly enjoyable conversation.
I welcome your thoughts, questions, comments and suggestions. Have a listen and if you want to book Jon Thor for a talk at your company or your children’s school (he does offer less inflammatory titles). You can get hold of him through LinkedIn or https://jon-thor.com/ or email him at jon@jon-thor.com

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