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This has to be one of my favourite interviews ever. Doug Sandler tells Marcus what he learned from his father, David H Sandler! If your life has been touched by David Sandler’s work this is a must listen conversation.
Doug will be familiar to #Sandler clients and trainers who have listened to the #BestOfSandler Collection because he is “Dougie” of baseball and school bus fame.
Doug is a big boy now! He’s a husband, father, very successful podcaster, entrepreneur and author of the excellent book “Nice Guys Finish First”.
Get in touch with Doug at [email protected]. He is incredibly approachable and if you ever want to produce your own podcast, he can definitely help you.
We get a glimpse inside David Sandler the human being and Doug and I explore #SandlerRules, #SalesEthics, #TransactionalAnalysis, the power of #nurturing, #SalespersonsRights, #Reversing, the trap of emotional attachment, communication, customer experience, seduction and much more. 

Let me know if you have questions for Doug for my next conversation with him early next year.

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