If you are the owner or CEO of a technology company and your goal is to grow your business, achieve real, sustainable hypergrowth with highly engaged and highly productive employees and clients who stick with you year after year, let’s schedule a time for a brief conversation

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You want to grow your business based on strong fundamentals, achieve profitable growth and scale at pace. You want to build a business that will thrive, will attract and develop fantastic people and develop a reputation as a destination employer. You will reward the people who made you successful whilst retaining a majority shareholding in your brainchild. You put buyer safety at the heart of everything you do.

You’ve seen other founders and CEOs seek funding which sucks their time, and results in their business being changed forever, rarely for the better, by investors whose goal is growth at any cost. You’ve seen them burn through salespeople and customers, experience high turnover and churn rates. You’ve seen them drive their culture from one where the customer was at the heart of their business to one where they were forced to worship at the altar of finance. 

You don’t want to put the financial cart before the customer-centric horse. You want to develop exceptional products and services. You want all your people to be highly engaged, highly profitable and the intrinsic value of your business to grow, so when you do choose to pursue your next round of funding, it is on your terms, not the investors’.

The right kind of investment is a great thing but most turn to investors at when they need the money to stay afloat and have to give away control, sacrifice their culture, and sacrifice their people with an 80-90% probability they will fail. 

That’s not you. You’re sharper than that. 

You understand that slow is smooth, smooth is fast. You understand that a strong business is sustainable precisely because the customer is at the heart of your business. You are your customers’ partner, not their supplier. You co-develop your products and services with them, not for them. You drive desirable behaviour throughout your organisation by how your measure, how you manage people’s behaviour and how you compensate so as to reward everyone who made your customer and you successful. Your people give massive discretionary effort.

We are your partners in deliberate, intentional, managed growth. Our partners in marketing, sales, customer success, talent attraction and development, help you design your business so you align with your customers’ journey, you attract top talent in all aspects of your business who are aligned with your purpose. We will help you develop a plan that will deliver the choices in life you want for you, your family and your team. We get stuck in the trenches with you. No ivory tower paying us to produce a report that gathers dust. No fly in, entertrain, fly out. We are with you every step of the way.

We do difficult work together. We’re partners. That means we don’t always agree; in fact, sometimes we get stuck into and argue, fight and challenge each other. We help each other get better. We hold each other to higher standards, we hold ourselves to account. If you are looking for an easy life, don’t work with us. If you are looking for a quick dose of magic dust, we’re not your fairy godmother.

Building a great business that can run without you at the heart, that has great people, great systems, great partners, great structure requires great strategy. Simple strategy. And simple means sophisticated, not complicated; effective not complex. What do you have to do in the next 6 months that will give your people, partners and customers faith that you can deliver what you intend to over the next 3 years?

Hello, I’m Marcus Cauchi. I’m a fractional CRO for ambitious founders and CEOs of disruptive technology companies in the £10-£50m turnover range who want to achieve scale north of 200% year on year over the next 5 to 8 years. Does that sound like you? Let’s hop on a quick Zoom call to see if there is a natural fit between what you want to achieve in your business and what Laughs Last and our partners can bring to your business – https://calendly.com/marcuscauchi/discovery-call-15-mins

Book a 15 minute discovery call